Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Impulse Response Modification

I have written a post that related with impulse response to use as a cabinet simulator. This time, I want to show you how to modify your existing impulse responses to make it more suitable for your audio needs.

In this case, I'm modifying cabinet impulse response for AradazAmp using KeFIR and reaeq VST plugins on Wavosaur as the audio editing software.

These are some steps of modifying impulse response:

  • Run your audio editing software and Import your dry audio file.

  • On the VST Rack, load AradazAmp, KeFIR and reaeq then turn off AradazAmp cabinet simulator and load cabinet impulse response (that you want to be modified) on KeFIR.

  • "Thick" Processing and then press play.

  • Start to modify the sound by setting reaeq appropriately.

  • Press stop and then mute or remove AradazAmp from VST Rack.

You're done for impulse response modification. Now, it's time for "stealing" the modified impulse response.

  • Create new file (File -> New / Ctrl N) and fill the text box. The length should be 2.0000 s and choose 32 bit float, press OK.

  • You'll see silence file. Click on the silence area (about 1/4 file length) and then maximum zoom in.

  • Press pencil button, then drag one sample (point) to the top.

  • Press apply then nomalize the sample to -1 dB.

  • Trim / remove silence samples (go to Tools -> silence remover)

  • Save the wav file. Done...

Hopefully usefull...


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great work. But I think I miss the point; why don't you edit the IR file directly as a usual wav file?

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