Friday, June 13, 2008

Guitar Cabinet Simulator

Cabinet Simulator plays an important role in Virtual Guitar Amplifier. Impulse response is usually used to make a nice cabinet simulator. Impulse reponse is a short time signal file (.wav,.ogg etc) made by deconvolution. It uses to capture the characteristic of a sound that we want to be captured such as reverb, preamp, mic or other resources. Here, we will be focused on Guitar cabinet simulation.

There are lots of impulse responses that ready to be downloaded from the internet. KeiffersGuitarClips and are just some site examples that you can download impulse responses from.

We need a specific VST plugin to host this impulse. KeFIR, Voxengo Boogex or Freeverb3 are good to use as host plugins for this impulse response because they have a fast calculation algorithm to use in realtime appication.

Cabinet Simulation example using AradazAmp and KeFIR:

  • Put AradazAmp to your DAW VST slot
  • Put KeFIR right after AradazAmp

  • Turn off the AradazAmp cabinet simulator (red led)

  • Load an impulse response on KeFIR and find it in your PC

  • Set KeFIR mix knob to 100%
  • KeFIR will adjust gain and length knobs automatically

  • Ready to play

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