Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guitar Recording Preparation

These are some preparation that we shouldn't forget before recording guitar:

  • Use new strings that fitted properly, it's important to get the best tone that your guitar makes. Don't let old strings hurt your fingers and sounds.
  • Check both tuning and intonation before every take.
  • Choose 10 - 15 feet long cables with least hum. Don't use very long cables, it can reduce your guitar signal strength.
  • Stay away from computer monitor and other interfering equipments. These can cause serious hum interference on electric guitar especially guitar with single coil pickups.
  • When you are miking the guitar cabinet, keep your mixer EQ flat. Find the best guitar sound by setting mic's distance, angle and position first and then hear the sound from the control room. Mixer EQ are adjusted on the mixing stage.
  • If you are willing to use amp simulator plugin, make sure the guitar dry signal has a good level match with audio interface's line input.
  • Play your guitar really hard to measure the signal which enters DAW. Make sure it doesn't peak.

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