Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aradaz Cabinet Simulator VST (beta) Updated to v1.1

Thanks to Niksounds at kvraudio, he told me that there was a bug in the previous cab simulator on Sonar 7. I think I found the bug, but I'm not to sure if it's the right one because I don't have Sonar 7 installed in my PC.

You can download the original GuitarHack Impulse Responses from here. I found it yesterday, the old impulse link is broken down. He has a magic touch of making impulse responses, I really like them a lot. You can use KeFIR to host them as cabinet simulator.

Ok folks, let's try the update, I hope it was the right bug that I caught... hup!

Download Link:
has been updated again here


Anonymous said...

Ok , now it works.
Thank you Arie.

If the your new cabinet sim can load a impulses (from a list, and not fixed) and mix the two impulses as actually.. it becomes a fantastic weapon !

Sorry for my english

And thanks you a lot for your time!


Anonymous said...

pheraps i told too fast..
The problem is sporadic now.

One time it is ok, one time it mutes audio..

Bye Nik

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