Monday, June 23, 2008

Recording DI-Box

DI-Box is used to convert an unbalanced signal to be balanced. The advantage of using balanced signal is indispensable to ensure signal quality especially when using long cables. That's why DI-Box is always used in Live situation. So, how to use DI-Box in recording studio that doesn't use long cables?

Reasons of using DI-box in recording studio:

1. Alter TS/TRS Jack to XLR

Console in many recording studio uses XLR connectors. Commonly, instruments use TS / TRS jack connectors, therefore it makes the sound engineer works easier and faster to convert these connectors.

2. Impendance Conversion

A DI-Box allows you to pick up a signal directly from an unbalanced, high impendance output, such an electric guitar into the recording console line inputs that have low impendance connectors.

3. Paralel Connection

For example, we want to record guitar signals into two tracks. The first signal goes directly to recording console and the other goes to mic'd guitar amplifier speaker before it feeds to recording console.

4. Cabinet Simulator

Some DI-Box have cabinet simulator featured. At least two DI-boxes (that I know) which have this feature, there are Behringer GI100 and Hughess & Kettner Red Box.

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