Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aradaz Cabinet Simulator VST (Beta)

I made this VST plugin a few hours ago. Suddenly I got an idea of how to make a cabinet simulator - combinator. Combinator?? Yup, it mixes 2 cabinet impulse responses. I'm using 2 guitarhack impulse responses ("center" and "edge") to make this plugin.

We can control the ratio between two cabinets (edge/center). "0" for 100% edge, "1" for 100% center and 0 > MIXTURE(Combination) > 1.

Cabinet Simulator VST (Beta) Features:

- Edge/Center parameter
- Volume parameter
- up to 96 kHz sample rate supports
- No-GUI

Please let me know if you found another great free cabinet impulse responses on the internet (write down in the comment box). I have a plan to make a better version of this (free of course).

Thank you..

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Cabinet Simulator VST (Beta) Download Link:
has been updated here


Anonymous said...

It crashes in Sonar7

Aradaz said...

Ok I'll find the bug... Thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks for your nice plugs
I like these marshall impulese alot

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of nice plugs
I like this impulse alot

aribai said...

poidaobi´s impulses
alu´s sperimental pack
brohymn marshall´s and mesas


KUPZ said...

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