Monday, June 16, 2008

Guitar Recording Techniques (2)

This is my second post of Guitar Recording Techniques. My previous post describes about recording guitar using hardware, so it's time to use software to process your guitar signal tracks. You can read Computer Guitar Amplifier and Guitar Cabinet Simulator that I've wrote before.

Let's continue counting:

3. Full software, this is the easiest way to record our guitar signal. We just have to record the dry guitar signal straight into DAW and do the process using virtual guitar amp plugin such as Aradaz Amps VST.

guitar -> preamp -> DAW

As you can see above, we use recording preamp before DAW soundcard. It used to match guitar impendance with soundcard line inputs. You can use DI-Box if you don't have any preamp.


  • Cheaper
  • Easy settings
  • We can record anytime and anywhere
  • Lots of guitar sound possibilities
  • CPU consuming
See you tomorrow...

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