Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aradaz Amp 2 Green Release!!

Aradaz Amp 2 Green, the second version of Aradaz Amp 2 has been released.


  • 8 parameters (input, gain, bass, mid, treble, types of EQ, cabinet simulator and volume)
  • New tube simulation
  • 2 types of equalizer
  • Sample Rate up to 96 kHz
  • 64 bit internal processing
I hope you like it, enjoy...



susbemol said...

Your efforts are much appreciated, but no download link?

Cyaoeu said...

The link is at the bottom of the page.

I think you should change the volume being at max when you open the plugin, when you raise the gain it's pretty loud if you don't have a soft limiter.

Gonna check out the sound now.

Cyaoeu said...

It sounds awesome, as expected. :D
The cabinet sounds pretty good, but I disabled it and ran it through one of Brohymn's new Mesa impulses (number 1), which sounds amazing.

I really like the tone knobs, you can get everything from scooped to warm with the mid control, treble is nice too, and bass knob deserves to be pretty high. I prefer the top eq.

I found out that the built in cabinet was making the volume high when the gain was cranked, when I bypass it it's fine.

The distortion is cool, you can get slightly distorted tones to REALLY distorted tones. The input knob at about 5 and gain at 10 gives a very chuggy and sweet sound for me. Getting a squeaky clean sound seems to be impossible for this beast though, I'll have to depend on 1.2 for that I guess.

So yeah, it sounds great, now I can only thank you for this great amp, thanks!

Now, if you could add a clean channel like the 1.2 at low gain with some knobs (gain, volume etc) you could have both great cleans and great high-gain distortion in the same plugin, that would be cool. I can live with using this and 1.2 though :)

bluzkat said...

Arie does it again!! Thanks, man.


Cognitive Dissonance said...


but there seems to be some problems in reaper.

check out this thread for more info :)

thank you!

schetleft on youtube said...

i'm a total noob at this. how do i download it, all i get is a file called ArdazAmp2_Green.dll file. what do i do with it???

Aradaz said...

It's a VST plugin, I think you should read the "computer guitar amplifier" article that can be found in this blog

tjänsteman said...


All the amps by Aradaz sound totally awesome!!!! I love them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i knew this when i read kompas newspaper,N i want to know more about this amp...

Anonymous said...

Wow this is THE best tube amp VST I have ever tried. The sound is "warm" and the distortion isn't muddy!

Most other VSTs I've tried have a very muddy "power amp" feel but this one is a true blue tube.

Anonymous said...

How do you disable the cabinet to run through with one of Brohymn's impulses?

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