Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aradaz Cabinet Simulator VST (beta) Updated to v1.2

The previous Cabinet Simulator Beta (v1.1) still has the bug. It muted in some VST host. But, it (v1.1) works fine on Tracktion version, wavosaur and H.Seib VST Host 1.45.

Niksounds and Costa (thanks guys) told me that the plugins still muting in Sonar 7 and Revalver, I tested it on Audacity 1.2.6 using VST enabler. The result is... yes it's muting in Audacity 1.2.6, I finally found the bug.

I think the muting problem is happen because the impulse response doesn't loaded into memory correctly. I checked the code, made some modification to it, compiled the modified code and then the muting problem is gone in Audacity. So I re-tested it in all VST host which installed in my PC. It works fine there...

Ok folks, let's try the update, again...

Download Link:


Anonymous said...

Great Cabinet Simulator! My favorite plugin! :-)

How about make it possible to load other impulses into the simulator?

Aradaz said...

I still learning to do that, I hope I can do it soon..
I've described the idea of making this type of simulator using keFIR or revolverb VST plugins. You can read it on this blog. (Cabinet Simulator Idea)

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