Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cabinet Simulator Idea

I'm using impulse response (IR) to make a cabinet simulator VST. It uses two different impulses that can be controlled using "edge/center" parameter. This parameter is use to set the mixture between this two IRs. If you haven't tried my cabinet simulator, please download "here".

I want to share the idea behind my cabinet simulator VST plugins. It's very simple and you can do it without understanding any dsp or programming language.

We need two convolution VST plugins and a panning plugin. I'm using KeFIR for the IR convolver that runs under the racks of Tracktion version Let's take a look at the picture below:

  • As you can see, we use the panning plugin as the control parameter to set the mixture of two IRs.
  • Left panning output goes to the KeFIR input and the right panning output goes to the other KeFIR input.
  • The IRs are loaded into each KeFIR (it's better to use IRs with same length).
  • The LENGTH parameter on both KeFIR should be sets equally.
  • The output of each KeFIR has to be connected on both (left and right) racks output.

We can do it for any kind of impulse responses, it could be reverb, preamp or other impulse responses.

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Anonymous said...

nice ...a simple but great idea:) THX

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