Sunday, July 6, 2008

Impulse Response Modification (2)

I assume that you have read my previous post about impulse response modification. Now, I want to share another impulse response (IR) modification method that I used to make. I think we could get a better result by using this method.

The steps of modifying impulse response are similar. The different with the first IR modification is on the plugins that we use. When the first method is using EQ plugin to modify the IR, right now we have to use another IR that hosted in a convolution plugin (s.a KeFIR) to make the new modified IR.

We need to run more than one convolution plugins to do this. One is used to host the original IR and the other used to host the chosen IR as the modifier. You can use any IR as the modifier. It depends on what kind of modification that you want to create.

Let’s take a look at the picture below:

The first KeFIR (on the left) is hosting the original IR and the other host the IR modifier.

Set the length of the IRs properly to make sure there are no samples left behind.

Continue the work by "stealing the IR" that can be read "here"

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Cyaoeu said...

Have you noticed that boogex and kefir treat impulses differently? And it's not only because of boogex's built in high-pass filter.

I wondered why, so I used a sine wave to test it, I put the wave through boogex and kefir one at a time, with bluecat's free freqanalyst vst at the end of the chain to see what was going on.

The boogex wave was cut off after 14khz or so as expected, and the kefir was not, due to it not having any filters.

Something was going on with the kefir wave though, it had two very narrow spikes at about 12000khz or so, and they were pretty loud too. I tried with different impulses, and the same effect happened.

Conclusion: I don't know. But I prefer boogex, because of its useful filters and its other tone shaping options. And it just sounds better to me.

Aradaz said...

KeFIR and Boogex are very nice. I love them both..

I think KeFIR doesn't have any other process beside convolution thing...

Two very narrow spikes you found are ussualy happen when the impulse response that loaded in KeFIR are to short or we didn't set the LENGTH knob properly..

Thanks Cyaoeu

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