Friday, July 18, 2008

Shorten The Impulse Response

Longer impulse response means more CPU consumption. To make the CPU works lighter, we have to remove some samples at the beginning and the end of impulse response. Thus, we can use alot of impulse responses when doing mixing and give more space for CPU to become overloaded.

I'll show you how to shorten the impulse response. I make guitar cabinet impulse with 262625 samples long to be 1024. I'm using Wavosaur as the audio editing software.

Let's do it:

  • Load the impulse response into the audio editing software (Wavosaur

  • Change the sample display to sample (Options -> Sample Display -> Sample)

  • Zoom in the beginning of impulse

  • Sort and cut those samples*

  • Zoom out, click at point 1023 and sort (shift -> left arrow) to 0

  • Crop the samples

  • Fades out some samples at the end of the impulse to remove digital click*

  • Save the file

*Find the cross between hill and valley of the waveform when applying fades or cutting the beginning samples.

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