Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Next Project "OUR Cabinet Simulator"

I'll continue working the free Guitar Cabinet Simulator VST. If you haven't tried the beta version of the plugin you can download it "here" the cabinet impulse responses are made by Guitarheck.

The basic idea of my upcoming plugin is we can blend 2 different cabinets at one time. For each cabinet, we can set the mixture between the edge and the center of the cabinet. In other words, we can simulate the position of the mic from center to the edge. Read "here" if you want to learn how I do it.

I have contacted some friends in a forum at http://www.guitarampmodeling.com to make OUR Cabinet Simulator (thanks guys). I'll use their IR for the cabinet simulations. If you have another suggestion or want to share cabinet impulse responses I'd be very thankful.

The different between the previous Guitar Cabinet Simulator is we can choose the cabinet that listed in the drop down box (maybe I'll using drop down box). I think it's better for me to describe how it works by using picture, but I haven't drawed it.

I'll continue this post when I finished drawing the picture...

Thanks guys...

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