Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aradaz Amp 2 Green Clean Setting

This is my simple Aradaz Amp 2 Green clean setting:

  • Turn off the distortion channel (turn off the led above the input knob)
  • Set the input knob at minimum
  • Set the gain knob to 9 o'clock
  • Set the tonestack (equalizer) as you want
  • Set your desire volume level
If you found the output level is too small, you should add Aradaz Maximizer 5 next to the Green Amp. Then set the maximize and the character knobs of the Maximizer as you please. See the picture below:


if you want to use another cabinet simulation for this Amp.


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Dimi Nalbantov said...

Hi my friend! check out my blog!
I'm using the green amp on another song of my album!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

That's just fucking great Ari ! I've decided I will only use free stuff to produce my band's demo... and Aradaz Green will be there too ! Thanks so much again !

Aradaz said...

Yeah, thanks everybody...

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