Sunday, August 31, 2008


Our Cabinet Simulator v1.0 has been release


  • GUI-less
  • 8 Cabinet Simulations (Cabinet Impulse Responses made by Alu, Dimi & Noarin)
  • 2 Cabinet Simultaneously
  • Sample delay for each cabinet
  • 44100 - 96000 Hz sample rate Support
  • Double internal processing


Dimi Nalbantov said...

Wow, downloading now!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Arie!

Noise mode ON
It would be ultra-amazing if the impulses are selectable.

Noise mode OFF
thank you for this relase !!

Bye Nik :-)

Anonymous said...


Is that kind of thing working like the tool we know as GuitarRig's "matched cabinets" ?

I find that very handy in Guitar Rig.

Aradaz said...

I found some bugs,
Updated now,

Thanks guys...

Anonymous said...

there are some more bugs: cubase sx3/win xp
- sound is fizzy when moving sliders
- first letter of the cab names is scrambled

otherwise, I really like it a lot!

Aradaz said...

fizzy sound when moving slider is not really a bug, it caused by the calculation of the IR then back again into the memory. I'll find a way how to mute them..

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 2nd poster thtaIt would be great if the impulses were selectable.

THX for your work and sharing with all:)


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