Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green and White Bad Bug Fixed

I'm really sorry guys, there was a bug on my previous VST release.
Those VSTs are:

  • Aradaz Amp 2 Green v1.2 & v1.3
  • Aradaz Amp 2 White v1.4
I realized the bug when I read Markus's comment. This is what he wrote:

hi dimitar,

I love your amp sims, they sound great to me. anyway, i got a malfunction in reaper: recorded two guitar tracks, opened "green amp" in the first, drag & drop to the second instantly crashes reaper (and, the second time, even my system with a blue screen). Just wanted to tell you ...
Cheers and keep on!

Thank you very much Markus, but my name is Arie.

After I read it, I went back home to fixed the bug. It was 2.00 AM, and I found the bug 3 hours later at 5.00 AM (what a tyring day, I hadn't much time to sleep). Now, I've already fixed the bug and the VSTs are available to download.

So this is the update for both VST
(Aradaz Amp 2 Green v1.3.1 and White v1.4.1):
Yes I only fixed one bug but it's bad and very important, I don't want my plugins cause an error to your PC. If you found another, just send me e-mail or write them in the comment box. I'll fix it immediately.

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Thank you,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your fast reaction, Arie! Sorry for that sleepless night and for confusing you with another reaper user ...

Aradaz said...

no problem man... Thanx to you too...

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