Thursday, October 2, 2008

List of Aradaz's Next Project

Hello friends,

As you know, my PC was crashed several weeks ago. The mainboard, HDD and power supply are damaged. I'm lucky enough that I got my VST data back.

It's already October now. In my plan, the Aradaz Amp 2 Red should be released on September, but it doesn't happpened. I'm sorry to all of you guys who wait for Aradaz Amp 2 Red because it hasn't been released yet. I haven't got my PC works. Really sorry.

For your information, this is the list for my next works:

  • Aradaz Amp 2 Red (new VST)
  • OUR Cabinet Simulator Updates
  • Aradaz Amp 2 White Updates + new GUI
  • Indonesian Cabinet Simulator (new VST)
  • Aradaz Fast Limiter (new VST)
I will doing this when I got my PC works, so stay updated!

Thank you,



Heaven Records Blog said...

Dude, I thought you already bought new PC?

Anonymous said...

when will red be released?

Aradaz said...

Really sorry dude, I haven't bought a new PC, it's almost a month with no PC :( .

Jesse said...

I can't wait until RED gets released, the mp3 sounds killer and I love your other amps. I have a demo of the way over priced Peavey Revalver VST and yours just sounds better to my ears. Thanks so much for all the work you do and I hope you can get the computer up and running soon!

Anonymous said...

[quote]Aradaz Fast Limiter (new VST)[/quote]
Mmmmh, i am looking forward to that one !
If it can keep the punch like your maximizer, it is a keeper for sure

Anonymous said...

Hi! I like your vst plugins! They sound pretty cool! I used to use IK guitar amps, but I changed my habbits and I do the most of my music with your guitar vst plugins! Many thanks for them! What about Red Amp? I'm looking forward for it! Is possible to hear any demo?

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