Thursday, September 18, 2008

Aradaz VST Codes are Saved

I was making a database software for my final presentation test that day. After I decided to restart my PC because something strange happened that I can't burn a cd, a blue screen appeared. I tried to restart the PC for the second time, the same blue screen appeared. I tried it again, it's even worst there was no signal to my monitor, I didn't see anything from it.

My friend told me to open the case and cleaned every part of the CPU, still no better. Tried to clear the CMOS, not good at all.

I'm so lucky even my HDD is damage, the second and the third partition of my HDD are saved. I got all my VST data back. I opened them using my brother's PC and used my HDD as a slave drive.

Thanks to everybody who has sent me e-mail, wrote comments and advices "here" and also a forum thread "here".

I will follow your suggestion to have a daily and a monthly backups for all my work and continue my VST project after I have a new PC, soon!




Anonymous said...

Good to hear! Keep it up man!

Cyaoeu said...

Yeah, good to hear. I'm looking forward to your new creation.

Anonymous said...

These are some good news, because you could save your 2nd and 3rd partition at least!

I liked to hear that! Arie, I wish you new courage to go on realising your marvellous ideas!

Dimi Nalbantov said...

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