Friday, September 12, 2008

The Next Aradaz Amp

I'm developing a new guitar amp VST right now. The features will be as usual, 3 stages of EQ (a.k.a tonestack), cabinet simulation, up to 96000Hz sample rate supports etc.

The sound will be fuzzy, more distortion and heavier than the White and Green. I made a quick punk sample of how it sound would be. You can download them "here".

I'm waiting for your advice and suggestion about the sound, GUI or anything for this new guitar amp VST. I don't know what should I named it, Punkstortion?? or ... Red ... anyone??

Please write your comments below...


Jacaré said...

Name it "Red" man
No Punkstortion ! lol
Since you've already started a patern with 2 other of your amps (green & white), KEEP IT !

Aradaz said...

Red = +1

Anonymous said...

Punkstortion - Nay
Red - Yah

wel-0 said...

Red will work

Dimi Nalbantov said...

sounds great!
1+ for Red.

What about new gui for AradazAmp2_White ?


Anonymous said...

Hi, what about a loading samples cabinet simulator ?

Aradaz said...

I'll make a cab simulator that can loads external IR.


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