Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aradaz Amp Crunch and White Sound Samples

Dimitar Nalbantov, a friend of mine from the other side of the globe made two Aradaz Amp guitar sound samples using the White and Crunch. Both sounds really good I didn't realize that these virtual amp could be this good.
Check these out:

Aradaz Crunch
Aradaz White

What do you think?? Cool right??
He uses Addictive Drum for the drum parts.



Anonymous said...

Hi !

Congrats, your amps sounds great!

One lame question: Could you please write some info about the amps ? I mean: what tonal character they have ( for example: like Marshall plexi, etc. )

Also "Cab" switch is obvious, but what is "IR" function on Green ?

And what is "cab" and "spkr" on Crunch amp ? Something like two options: 2x12 ( yellow ), 4x12 ( green ) and the speaker switches on/off ? ( red light )

thanx, keep up the good work !


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