Saturday, October 4, 2008

Aradaz Amp 2 White New Skin

Manwelo Sitoy the man behind Aradaz Amp Crunch and Green GUI did it again for the White. Thank you very much man, it's a very good GUI.

Download it here (right click -> save as...).

There are no additional updates for this free guitar amp VST, the version still v.1.4.1, it's only reskinned with the new one. Manwelo helps me compiled it. Hope you all like it...



Anonymous said...

Looks great! Keep it up :)))

Anonymous said...

Awesome amp simulator, keep it up... Could i request a clean channel for an update or more signal boost so that it becomes auible when gain is zero to avoid distortion? or more channels with presets that you quickly can change between with hotkeys or anyhing really..

Aradaz said...

Have you tried the Crunch, you can use it for clean. You can find all my VST download link on the right side bar.

For another updates, I'll updating anything possible for all my VST.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Anonymous said...

omm arii bKinn vst pLuginnyh i2 pke ap sii ..??

Dimi Nalbantov said...

Hi Arie! I hope you are OK?!

Aradaz said...

Halo Dimi, I'm OK thanks.
I'm not went to internet cafe lately.
My speaker is broken. I don't know what have happened to my gears, after my PC, now the speaker. Hmm I hope I'll have something VERY GOOD in the near future.
I always think positively.

Dimi Nalbantov said...

Hi Arie! wish you all the best and we are waiting for you :)

Requietus said...

man, I absolutely adore the sound of all aradazes, thumbs up !

Anonymous said...

Hi !

Congrats, your amps sounds great!

One lame question: Could you please write some info about the amps ? I mean: what tonal character they have ( for example: like Marshall plexi, etc. )

Also "Cab" switch is obvious, but what is "IR" function on Green ?

And what is "cab" and "spkr" on Crunch amp ? Something like two options: 2x12 ( yellow ), 4x12 ( green ) and the speaker switches on/off ? ( red light )

thanx, keep up the good work !


Anonymous said...

any chances for Mac versions (AU/VST/RTAS)?

Anonymous said...

Hello Arie,

I hope you're quite ok, aren't you?

Your work is great - a highlight in the freeware domain of vst's - and became famous in a relatively short time.

Aradaz said...

Hello Enroe, I'm OK thank you.
I don't have any speaker in my room now so I can't hear anything. That's why I haven't update my VSTs.
It's broke when I tried to make an Impulse. I forgot to turn the volume down so the power speaker amp was overloaded and blew it :( .
I've sent the speaker to the service center a month ago and they said that the speaker is already done. But I haven't get it back.


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