Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Using AradazMaximizer4.3:

  • Put your stereo wav file into your audio editing software / DAW
  • Make sure that your signal level never exceed / close to 0 dB
  • Place AradazMaximizer at your plugins last chain
  • Set Input Gain Control parameter at 0 dB
  • Set Gain Control Release parameter at 0.001 s (fastest)
  • Maximize & Output parameters stay at 0 dB

Input section (Increase your speaker monitor volume level to your normal hearing)

  • Decrease Input Gain Control between -3 dB to -6 dB (Depend on transients of your stereo wav file)
  • if your music become to distort or you want to add more punch, slowly increase Gain Control Release parameter until you get a clean sound

Output Section (Decrease your speaker monitor volume level, give some room for maximizing)

  • Set your output parameter at -0.3 dB or -0.4 dB
  • Maximize your stereo file to get your desired loudness level

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