Saturday, May 31, 2008

AradazAmp2_White Updated (v1.1)

I have updated AradazAmp2_White to AradazAmp2_White_v1.1. There are small changes that make AradazAmp2_White_v1.1 better then the previous version.

Somebody told me that if the tone of AradazAmp and distortion of AradazAmp2_White are mixed would be nice, so I'll try to make it for the next version of AradazAmp2.

AradazAmp2_White_v1.1 Updates:

  • Reduced CPU usage (8.1 % in my PC)
  • 64 bit internal processing revised
  • Cabinet Simulator (> 48000 Hz) level fixed
Please send me e-mail if you found any bugs.



Anonymous said...

Any plans for a mac version? Or passing the source to a mac coder to compile it for you?


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