Sunday, May 25, 2008

AradazAmp Updated (v1.2)

Almost a month since the first time I uploaded AradazAmp_v1.02.2 to the internet world, finally AradazAmp has updated to v1.2, today.

Thank you for all friends who have downloaded AradazAmp_v1.02.2, there are lots of comments, advices and especially FRIENDS that money can't buy.

Update Lists:

  • Cheaper CPU Usage (7 % in my PC)
  • 64 bit internal processing
  • Redesign coding structure (internal)
Thank You Grahadea, Dimi, Costa, Charles & people at Please keep your PC (virtual Guitar Amplifier) clean and rock on...




Anonymous said...

so, where's the link?

Anonymous said...

Still the best sounding free vst amp in my opinion. Just wish it had a high-gain channel.

And the links are still in the bar to the right.

pinkster said...

Arie, this thing gets better with every release~
thanks man!
pinkjimi from kvr

Rich said...

google seems to have shut down the download link for some reason...

Anonymous said...

That's Really Good For Mastering ..
I use it.. And i like it..blessing you ..success

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