Monday, June 15, 2009

OUR Cabinet Simulator Updated to v1.0.7

Another update for OUR Cabinet Simulator VST plugin,

Update list:

  • Glitching noise when setting parameters removed
  • IR loudness has been uniformed
  • Mistakes on delay fixed (the delay was moving backward)
  • Maximum sample delay on <= 48000 Hz sample rate is 50 (v1.0.5 was 100 on the parameter's screen)
  • Maximum sample delay on > 48000 Hz sample rate is 100
Please inform me if you found any bugs or anything. Thanks,


Dimitar said...

Hi my friend! Downloading now! :)
Thank you!


wel-0 said...

Yes Arie, Thanks Again!

kinwie said...

Hi Arie,

Great tone man! and very great sounds!!!


Mars said...

I needed this, TANX ALAWT GAIZ!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again men, you are really saving my day.

Anonymous said...

where is download link???

Aradaz said...

Unknown said...

link broken

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work anymore. could you please reupload it?

Unknown said...

The link is broken.

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