Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vintage Equalizers Plug-Ins from Kuassa

Kuassa EVE-AT Series is two individual EQs (EVE-AT1 & EVE-AT4) inspired by the design of two 80's equalizers that are known for their clear, smooth, and very musical characteristics. We are thrilled by the sound and present these EQs as VST and Audio Units plug-ins.

Whether your song, session or individual recorded tracks need a tone polishing, these are the right tools to get shaped. Consider these EQs as ‘tone-shaping‘ tools rather than a ‘surgical/corrective‘ tools. Remove mud, brighten the track, or sweeten your vocals with these EQs unique Q curve, or just clear the spectrum with the supplied HP & LP filters.

The Kuassa EVE-AT1 is a four band equalizer with HP & LP filters.

The Kuassa EVE-AT4 is a three band equalizer with HP & LP filters.

How do the two differ in terms of sound? Each EQ has a very different Q bandwidth curve, resulting in an audibly different reponse. Try and hear it for yourself!