Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aradaz is Back

Hello guys,

After 3 months of silence, I'm back.
The last three months were so boring.


This is the story,
a few days after I got my PC worked, I tried to make an impulse response of my Behringer MIC200 preamp. I was using a 5 second sine sweep at 0 dB, Tracktion as the recorder. My speaker was off.

The first trial ran smoothly. I made the IR. Turn on my ESI nEar 04 speaker, and then I tested the IR using a VST convolution plugin. Hmm sounded no good. I had to try to make another one.

The second trial. I used the same sine sweep at 0 dB. Looked around to make sure that all set, press record and played...


Me : "aaarrrgghhh"

a very loud sound came from my speaker, I forgot to turn the speaker off. You know, 0 dB 20 Hz to 20000 Hz sine sweep. My Speaker couldn't handle that. After I pressed stop. A huge ground sound / humming came from the speaker. I blew the power speaker off. A few days later, I sent it to a service center.

I just brought it back yesterday. I kept the speaker there for three months because I had to work out of town.

That's all, I'm not a good story teller.

Welcome back me...