Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aradaz Maximizer 5 Updated to Ver.1.6.5

All plugin versions (Audio Units, VST for Mac and Windows) of Aradaz Maximizer 5 has been updated to Ver.1.6.5.


  • Reduce CPU consumption up to 20%
  • Mac: GUI bug fixed
  • Mac: Host compatibility improved
  • Win: Default file name is changed to AradazMaximizer5.dll
  • Win: New about box look
That's all, thank you very much and happy mastering....


Evo said...

thanx bru

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the best maximizer around !!!

Anonymous said...


Minister Charles said...

Fantastic Brickwall Limiter! Wonderfully transparent and most nearly "invisible" when used a little more mildly. Contrary to modern volume war modes of mastering, I prefer more 'real' dynamics and 'breath' in my mixes. I'm fully convinced that even if I could afford the iZotope and Waves plugins, I would certainly continue using Aradaz Maximizer. I've tried the expensive commercial plugs, this Limiter holds its own with any commercial Brickwall Limiter on the market. I'm a dedicated admirer. I put your Maximizer on the same "reach for" shelf as the Bootsy plugins.
Thank you & God Bless. *smile*

Anonymous said...

This Maximizer by far is my second best Limiter ever used. My favorite was the Timeworks Limiter for my mastering needs but not compatible with Windows 7. I found this plug and decided to give it a test spin. Compared to Waves L2 and L3, Izotope, SOny Oxford and UAD, I would say the Aradamaximizer is the most transparent. It does not change the sound and positioning of your mix. The bass is tight and clear and highs are not smeared. The down side is that there is no Meter to show how much limiting is going on hence you have to use your ears to listen for any distortion, which will indicate too much limiting. I also would have preferred to be able to dial in the attack and release versus just just character. Overall, very useful tool as the last in the chain on my mastering set. I would recommend this tool as an very good option to commercial limiters. Though I have Waves,Sony, and the latest Izotope at my disposal, My go to for mastering is just works well for the most part (not perfect, but gets the job done, professionally well!!)

Shahriar hossain said...

I can find the download link :(

Aradaz said...

Hi, here's the download link:

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