Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amplifikation One AU / VST for Mac Released and The Win Version Updated to Ver.1.0.1

Hello again...

Kuassa Amplifikation One
, a guitar amp plugin is now available for Mac in VST and Audio Units format. The plugin is universal binary, it works for PPC and Intel Mac. We have tested the plugin on various Mac AU / VST host and works well on Tracktion 3, Reaper, Logic and GarageBand. On Ableton Live you should use the Audio Units version because it still have a bug.

The Window version is updated to Ver.1.0.1 and has the same features as the Mac versions, these are the list:

  • Lower noise level on evaluation version.
  • Noise interval changed to 40 seconds.
  • Evaluation reminder doesn't show up during scanning.
  • Import license added.
  • GUI revised.
  • New about box look.
  • About box bug fixed.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
  • Logo revised.
Kuassa Amplifikation One will suit your needs to make ear-shredding tracks with a simple work flow, exceptional sonic quality, and tons of tonal possibilities. It features 8 original guitar amp designs, 5 dual-cabinet simulator, 5 microphone types, 3 saturation characteristics, noise-gate, distortion / overdrive units and integrated limiter based on Aradaz Maximizer engine.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to ask; why don't you make a Kuassa forum on I think it'd be a great idea, I pretty much like the Amplifikation One, and I think I'm not alone

Aradaz said...

Ok David, we will working on it... :)

Waskito said...

Is there any software which can act like guitar effect device ?
Or something simmiliar like that ?
Thank you in advance..

Unknown said...

when i download mac version i have a .exe???

It's normal?

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