Monday, April 21, 2008



AradazMaximizer is an Auto Release Loudness Maximizer with manual input gain control. It can be used for mixing or mastering.


  • 4 parameters (Input Gain Control, Gain Control Release, Maximize, Output)
  • 44100 - 192000 Hz sample rate
  • 64 bit internal processing
  • low CPU usage
  • GUI-less

Transparency test:

(tested with 1000Hz sinewave, full maximized)


Anonymous said...

It's very handy, I use it on the master bus to boost exactly how much I need just before the master compressor.

Unknown said...

Link seem to be non-functional??!!!

Aradaz said...

The link is still working,
right click -> save as...

Anonymous said...

is this a VST X2 plug?? I can't find it in my track list in Cubase Esssentials 5? It's in the VST folder for Stienburg VST plugs but don't see how to access it with in a project?? thanks...

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